Arts & Crafts General Membership Meeting

May 2, 2022

1:45 pm, Cribari Conference room

Guest Artist Demonstration:  David Mejia

Caricature Artist

Arts & Crafts Membership Meeting and Artist Demonstration

Marcy Boyles has arranged another fun demonstration for our membership at our Membership meeting on April 4th.   Linora Casrez is a local San Jose native and a recently retired employee of the Santa Clara County.

For us Linora will show us her special wreath making talent.  Since a young age she has been bravely creating, from painting and sewing, to refurbishing furnishings and accessories or even reinventing them all together.

She is a design school graduate.  Her career then took this different turn. She can usually be found decorating her home for the upcoming holiday, perusing design stores, antique shops and second hand stores or yard sales. She has that talent for finding overlooked or unwanted treasures.  This gives her artistic license.

She is a mother to three grown children, 2 of which are artists themselves, and a grandmother of one, who she inspires and encourages to express herself through creativity.  

Linora will teach you how easy it is to make her vintage jewelry wreath and share examples of other wreath ideas that you can make yourself.  See you in the Cribari Conf. Room April 4th at 1:45.

Arts & Crafts

Membership Meeting


Guest Artist  Demo


May 2, 2022

1:45 pm

Cribari Conference Room


Mechanical pencils




Micron pens

Calligraphy pens


Joseph Campbell

Charles Schultz

Jim Morrison

Arts & Crafts Membership Meeting and Artist Demonstration

In 4 days, May 2nd, in Cribari Conference Room you can relax with a smile on your face at our Arts and Crafts Membership Meeting. Pen and Ink and even watercolor will bring to life caricature and portrait work from the best local artist. Our regular meeting begins promptly at 1:45 p.m. followed by a demonstration.

Our featured artist is David Mejia. David Mejia is a lifelong resident of San Jose. He has been drawing since the age of six. In 2011, he focused his talents towards painting. He is known for his skills in watercolor and ink. His greatest inspirations are Joseph Campbell, R. Crumb, and the artists of the Italian Renaissance. He enjoys discussions on philosophy, art, mythology, politics, and the vast realm of the human psyche. He lives in downtown San Jose with his wife Lisa, and their ridiculously cute pet rabbit. We will begin our normal business part of the meeting at 1:45 p.m. and near 2 p.m. David will begin his demonstration for our viewing pleasure. See you then.