Kathy Warren led the Event Team on Saturday, April 23, for a very successful Art in the Park.

The able volunteers pitched in to make it a fun time for everyone, vendors and visitors alike

Banner: Diane Finley

Canvas painting:  Michael Sunzeri

Coffee for Vendors:  

Commissions:    Alice Sullivan

Contracts:  Diane Finley

Cookies:  Suzanne Ferris

Event Team:  Kathy Warren

Music: Kyle Finley  

Flyers:   Diane Finley and Barb Gottesman

Jurors:  Michael Sunzeri, Diane Finley, Barb Gottesman

Publicity:   Diane Finley and Karin Bogliolo

Registrar: Jan Ehrhardt & Ruth Keiser  

Signs:  Rich Bainbridge

Estimated number of visitors:  500

Vendors:  35

Vendors sold:  $8,290.00 and the commissions for Arts & Crafts were:  $1,132.10 (before expenses)  which will be used to pre-pay for the next event, Home Studio Art Tour in August, and to buy new equipment for the Art Room  and the Ceramics Room for all Villagers to enjoy.

Artistic vendor's table:  Michael Sunzeri

Collaborative painting done by visitors to Art in the Park