Poetry in Art Group with Colleen Mirassou and Barb Gottesman and Karin Bogliolo


People in this group are reading aloud their favorite classic poems and then creating art works inspired by the poems.  We also create our own poems and paint art works inspired by them.  Now we are learning to write haiku and creating collages, acrylics, pastels, drawings, and watercolors inspired by our own haiku. We presented our work to the membership on November 7 to a very appreciative audience.  Three new people joined our group!

Tuesdays, 10:30 am - 2:00 pm

Closed January 3, 10 and 17

Water Guardian

Dorothy Douquet

Kathleen Budros

It was Colleen's wonderful idea

for this group....from her work as

art therapist in Los Angeles!

Thanks, Colleen!

Peace - let it begin with me.

Red Flower by Karin Bogliolo

Things Change

Why did this redwood fall across this stream

And when did it fall?  How long

Has it been waiting here for me to cross to the other side?

The neighboring trees are leaning on each other, falling

Slowly, oh so slowly into the dell

And they, too, will become something else…

A bridge across the flowing water, like this one,

Or a home for a fox or a family of lizards.

Some will feature

Moss and lichen in their future architecture.

All, with time, will decay and disappear and some day

Give rise to mushrooms, trillium, sweet broom,

A bouquet of natural loveliness.

My redwood bridge will rot away some day, too,

But, assuredly, that will be long after I do.

                          By Kathleen Budros

It is alarming to view

polluted water……

can we drink water safely?

Haiku by Shirley Kuramoto

Their Eyes Were Watching God

     (Title from a short story by Zora Neal Huston)

A small group huddled in the corner

Watching while palm trees blown down double by the hurricane

Frightened them.

Their eyes were watching God:

Would she destroy or

Be merciful?

Today these eyes are watching us from

Africa, Afghanistan, Ukraine…

Will we watch their destruction…?

or be merciful?

          By Barbara Gottesman

          May 22, 2022

Morning Thinking

Sometimes there is something that isn't

This collage is something

A landscape it isn't

A house it isn't

A person it isn't

Animals don't look like this

Nor does the ocean.

But it is something.

Something colorful, forceful and settling

Soft colors

With lines and shapes in harmony.

Mysteriously floating

Suggesting a story of your own.

Yes, this is something that is or isn't.

                    By Colleen Mirassou

                    May 31, 2022

Colleen Mirassou

Barbara Gottesman

My Domain

I gaze o'et my land

Encompassing all I rule,

Loving all I see.

               by Dorothy Douquet

               April 10, 2022