Advisory Board Minutes

Association Secretary Stephanie Torres

The Arts and Crafts Association Advisory Board, like all clubs and organizations which meet monthly, has a secretary who takes the minutes of the meeting.  At the next monthly meeting, the minutes are reviewed and approved or disapproved, and corrrections are made.

Once the minutes are approved, they are released for publication on the website.

Villages Arts & Crafts Club Board Meeting

September 26, 2022


I.  Board Members Roll Call

Present: President Jan Alleman,Vice President  Prema Anand, Treasurer Kathy Warren, Program Chair Marcy Boyles, Class Scheduler Barbara Gottesman,  Ceramics Room manager Diane Finley, Welcomer  Colleen Mirassou, Art Films Roz Zinns.

Absent:  Secretary Judy Rickard, Historian Karin Bogliolo          

Quorum present?     Yes

II.  Approval of the Agenda. Yes.

III.  Approval of the Minutes:  Minutes of September 1. 2022, were approved with two corrections:  the spelling of Prema Anand's name.  Motion:  Gottesman, second Zinn.  All approved.

IV.  Reports

a.  President:  Mary Tatum informed Jan that the Art Room and the Ceramics Room would be closed December 12, 2022 through January 13, 2023 for repairs and maintenance. The location of the Stitchery meetings on Monday has been changed from the Patio Room to the Forum Room.  Jan notified Roberta Barentsen, head of the Stitchery Group. Jan has prepared a spread sheet of all members and their volunteer status.  She will e mail 35 of them, asking them to volunteer for specific jobs. She will share her spread sheet with all Board Members.

b.  Treasurer:  Kathy reported that Bette Loomis' dues check had finally been signed and deposited. $10 change from last month's financial report. The bank balance is $10,253.00.

V.  Other Committee Reports

a.  Membership:  Prema Anand needs another month to become familiar with membership spread sheet and reporting.  We have approximately 260 members.

b.  New Members Reception:  Barbara Gottesman reported a successful New Members Reception on September 12. Board members added suggestions for improvement for next year, such as a more obvious check in, special badges for new members and short talk from new members.

c.  Home Studio Art Tour:  Diane Finley reported a very successful Home Studio Art Tour with 14 artists and a total profit to VACA of $638.22. Discussion about $20. Entry fee or $30. If the artist needs signs.  Signs are mandatory. Diane motioned, Roz seconded.  All approved.

d.  Art Films Chair:  Roz Zinns announced the film for September 28 will be Chihuly at 2:30 pm at Vineyard Center;  October 21, Van Gogh at Vineyard; November 17, Calder at Cribari Conference Room. She will fill out a form requesting $90 to Ed Knott for assisting her with the first three films.  For 2023, she has or will acquire DVDs for the Impressionists, Da Vinci, Michaelangelo,  World of Quilters and others.

e.  Ceramics Room Manager:  Diane Finley reported a broken kiln lid and subsequent broken interior firing bricks by the repairman. She is in negotiations to get the responsible parties to get parts of the kiln replaced at no charge.

f.  Class/Exhibits Coordinator:  Barbara Gottesman reported a Card Making Class with Mandy Book for Saturday, October 8; and a series of Wednesday Critique Sessions, October 19 through November 16.  As Exhibits Chair, Barbara noted that we have the Annual Members Juried Show scheduled for October 21, and we need a Director for that.  She iterated the steps required for In Take and Judging on Thursday, hanging and Artists'  Reception on Friday. Jan will ask Michael Sunzeri if he will direct this event again. Barbara asked that we search for a person to Chair Exhibits next year who can life paintings and adjust the hanging  wires in the Conference Room.

g.  New Members Greeter:  Colleen Mirassou clarified her job as the person who writes “Welcome” notes to new members as soon as the Vice President sends her names and contact information.  She will also be responsible for announcing new members at the Monthly Membership Meetings, whether or not they are present.

h.  Programs Coordinator:  Marcy Boyles reported that Stephanie Metz, a felt sculptor, will be the guest artist at our regular monthly membership meeting on October 3. Jan will be absent, so Marcy will make announcements and introduce the guest artist. Colleen Mirassou will coordinate the Poetry in Art presentation for November 7 monthly membership meeting.  Marcy will contact Jan's volunteer list to find member to replace her as Programs Chair. Marcy will award some of Rob's “Whimsicals”  as a door prize on October 3.

VI.  Old Business

Jan asked if we should submit Asset List or wait until Nov 20th deadline in case we acquire more assets?

Both Barbara and Diane submitted inventory lists for the Art and Ceramics Room which could be turned in to Mary Tatum now since neither planned to acquire new assets before November 20.

VII.  New Business

a.  Holiday Faire: Jan will call volunteer list to see if someone will volunteer to direct. Contracts must be distributed at the October 3 membership meeting. Diane will update the contracts and send a .pdf for the website and put a notice in The Villager that contracts are available. Barbara will send an e mail blast to all members that contracts are available on October 3. Table fee for first or second table will be $15, so we can break even with 31 vendors.

b.  Outside Instructors – Event Insurance – Barlocker Agency/Oscar Huerta.  Jan has talked with an insurance agent who may be able to provide insurance for “events”  to cover non-resident teachers. Further discussion tabled until next month.

c.  Colleen's Suggestions for New Classes (What is Art? Monthly Critiques):  Barbara has posted a Wednesday Critique Class from October19 until November 16.

d.  Annual Members Juried Show (AMJS) October 21st:  Jan will seek Director from her Volunteers spread sheet.

VIII.  Comments and Announcements

IX.  Adjournment: 5:50 pm

Next Advisory Board Meeting: Monday October 24, 2022, Art Room at 4:30pm

Next Monthly Membership Meeting: October 3, 2022, Cribari Conference Room at 1:45pm

Signatures: ______________________________________

Barbara Gottesman, Secretary pro tem

Jan Alleman, President_____________________________________

Villages Arts & Crafts Club Board Meeting

November 28, 2022


I.     Meeting was called to order by President at 4:35 pm

Board Members Roll Call

Jan Alleman – President

Prema Anand – Vice President

Kathryn Warren – Treasurer

Marcy Boyles – Programs  absent

Barbara Gottesman – Class/Exhibits Coordinator, Webmaster

Diane Finely – Ceramics Lab

Colleen Mirassou – New Members Greeter

Karen Bogliolo – Historian  absent

Roz Zinns – Art Films Chair

Quorum present?     Yes   or   No

II.     Approval of the Agenda: yes

III.     Approval of the Minutes:  Diane motioned that we approve the October 24 minutes, Prema Anand seconded.  All approved.

IV.     Reports

a.     President

b.     Treasurer  Kathy Warren reported for November: total income was $3,090.10 and total expenses were $6,74.6. .Beginning fund balance on 1/1/2022  was $9,396.08.  YTD income was $9,251.35.     YTD Expenses  ($6,134.25)  Net Results $3,117.10. Ending fund Balance 11/30/2022  $12,513.18.  Ending Bank Balance 11/30/2022  $12,613.18.

V.     Committee Reports

a.     Membership: Vice President for Membership Prema Anand reported one new member since October. Total members now = _274

b.     Programs:  In the absence of Marcy Boyles, Barbara reported that the November 7 presentation by the Poetry in Art group was a success with 44 attendees very interactive and appreciative.

c.     Ceramics Room:  Diane's request for $500 for materials for ceramics was approved on November 21 by e mail. She will send a grant proposal to  Evergreen Foundation to fund a $5,000 for a Pug Mill for ceramics.

d.     Classes:  Acrylics with Hink begins January 16, and Watercolor with Canepa begins January 18. Annual Members Juried Show is February 22 & 23 with Michael Sunzeri directing.

e.     New Members:  one new member since October

f.     Art Film:  Roz Zinns reported the purchase of new equipment for $229 with a refund from Amazon for the old equipment. The equipment worked well for the Calder film on November 21 and the Conference Room was ideal with 20 attendees. Roz negotiated with Rebecca Dreitlin to schedule all Art Films there in 2023. She gave us the schedule for 2023 Art Films.

g.     Holiday Faire:  Jan and Prema reported a very successful Holiday Faire with 28 vendors who sold $9,557.85 total, with $1,329.10 commissions to VACA.  Bake Sale earned $651.00 with a $500 anonymous donation.

VI.     Old Business

a.     Outside instructors – Event insurance – Barlocker Agency/Oscar Huerta has moved. New agent is looking into insurance for outside teachers.

b.     Annual Members Juried Show – Michael Sunzeri's Budget proposal of $445 for AMJS was approved.  Motion by Barbara, seconded by Roz Zinns.

c.     Prema moved that we approve Dorothy Douquet's budget proposal  of $127.00 for “It's A Wrap”  Party and Holiday Social for all members on December 5.  Roz seconded. All approved

d.     New Ideas for 2023

VII.     New Business

a.  Discussion: Idea to resurrect the VACA cookbook for 2023 as a fundraiser. Jan will research Morris publisher and others.

b.  Discussion: Ideas to reprint VACA Shopping Bags as a New Member welcome gift, Giveaways

     and/or For Sale item at Holiday Faire and Art in the Park. Diane will research new printer for bags.

c. Motion to raise dues to $15 for 2024 by Prema Anand, seconded by Diane Finley.  All approved.

d. Motion to approve Dorothy Douquest budget prroposal for $127.00 for the December 5 Holiday Social and "It's A Wrap" party.  Prema motioned and Roz seconded.  All approved.

VIII.     Comments and Announcements

IX.     Adjournment by Jan:  5:35 pm

Next Advisory Board Meeting: Monday January 30, 2023, Art Room at 4:30p

Next Monthly Membership Meeting: TBA February 6.


Barbara Gottesman, secretary pro tem _____________________________________

Jan Alleman, President ____________________________________________

Villages Arts & Crafts Club Board Meeting

January 30, 2023


I.     Board Members Roll Call

Jan Alleman – President - present

Prema Anand – Vice President - present

Kathy Warren – Treasurer - present

Barbara Gottesman – Classes Coordinator, Webmaster - present

Diane Finley– Ceramics - present

Colleen Mirassou – New Members Greeter - present

Karen Bogliolo – Historian - absent

Roz Zinns – Art Films Chair - absent

Quorum present?  Yes  

II.     Agenda approved

III.     November 28 minutes approved, agree to meet at 5 pm.

IV.     Reports


b.Treasurer Kathy Warren:  Reports for December 2022, year end summary 2022 and January 2023:

In December Income was $20, and expenses were $1,098.47 for a net monthly loss of $1,078.47.

For the year ending 12/31/2022,  Income was $9,271.35 and expenses were $7,232.72 for an annual income of $2,038.63.

Fund Balance 12/31/2022  $11,434.71

Bank Balance  12/31/2022  $11,489.43

In January 2023 There was $40.00 in income and $179.90 in expenses.  Net loss for the period was $139.90.  

Fund Balance 1/31/2023 $11,295.01, and the Bank balance  on 1/31/2023 is $11,529.43

See attached financial reports.

The Treasurer's reports were approved.

V.     Committee Reports

a.Membership – one new member.  Name = Grady Carol. Total number of members now on our membership roll:  264

b.Exhibits – Annual Members Juried Show: Michael Sunzeri, new Exhibits and AMJS Chair, reported that In Take Day for AMJS is Wednesday, February 22, at 1 pm in the Art Room.  Juror is Candy Yu.  Reception for artists is Thursday, February 23 at 1:30 in Cribari Conference Room. Six articles have been sent to The Villager and to our webmaster to post. New ribbons have been ordered and received. Team is ready for In Take and Reception.

c.Ceramics Room:  Manager Diane Finley reported an unannounced visit by Julia Meadows, Assistant General Manager to discuss storage and space in the “Glue Room.”  Jan will write an official letter requesting that the contiguous “Glue Room”  be returned to Ceramics.

d.Class Scheduler Barb Gottesman reported 4 new classes coming up:

Watercolor with Doug Canepa, starting on January 25; Collage with Julie Cline on January 28; and Oil Painting with Jane Hink, beginning on February 6; and an on-line acrylics class with Jeff Bramschreiber will start on April 11.

e.New Members – one:  Grady Carol.

f.Art Film – Roz Zinns is absent, so Barb reported that the film on Van Gogh has been postponed until Monday, February 27.

g.Art in the Park is April 22 in Gazebo Park from 10 am until 2 pm.  Diane will update contract, and Barb will post on website.

VI.     Old Business

a.Programs Chair – Karin Bogliolo and Dorothy Douquet have been nominated for Program Chair, but Jan has not heard from either of them.

b.VACA Cookbook – Several names suggested for this project:  Mandy Book, Kristin McCarthy and Betty Loomis. Jan will get in touch with these. Last done in 2011 at cost of $7 each, sold at Holiday Faire for $10.  Barb has all the 2011 paperwork.  Jan will research current prices.  Use the spring to plan, summer to get recipes, sell cookbooks at Holiday Faire.

c.Shopping Bags – Diane will investigate current prices and color preferred by Board.

VII.     New Business

a.  Jan will use our e mail account  to notify members of all VACA events.  Barb will send a last message that the February 6 meeting is cancelled and that Art in the Park contracts will be available after the March 6 meeting.

b.  Cancel February 6 General Membership Meeting since no Programs Chair, no publicity, no presenter, and it is only one week away.

c.  The Board decided to cut the number of General Membership Meetings from 8 to 4. Meetings will be March 6, May 1, October 2 with a holiday party in December with Jan Alleman and Prema Anand at a date to be announced.

c.  Colleen Mirassou graciously consented to display and discuss her Assemblage art works in 3-D at the March 6 meeting.

VIII.     Comments and Announcements

Next Advisory Board Meeting:  February 27 at 5 pm in the Art Room.

Next General Membership Meeting:  March 6 In Cribari Conference Room.

IX.     Adjournment at 6 pm.

Official signatures:

Secretary pro tem Colleen Mirassou ____________________________

President Jan Alleman _______________________________________