Advisory Board Minutes

Association Secretary Stephanie Torres

The Arts and Crafts Association Advisory Board, like all clubs and organizations which meet monthly, has a secretary who takes the minutes of the meeting.  At the next monthly meeting, the minutes are reviewed and approved or disapproved, and corrrections are made.

Once the minutes are approved, they are released for publication on the website.

The Villages Arts & Crafts Association Advisory Board Meeting


January 26, 2024 Friday, 1 pm – 2 pm,  Art Room


President:  Mandy Book – Called meeting to order at 1:05 pm.

Board Members Roll call:

Present:  Mandy Book, President; Claudia Welch, Vice President; Barb Gottesman, Art Classes Coordinator & Webmaster; Marion Rose, Art Films; Michael Sunzeri, Exhibits & Programs; Parthenia Hicks, Historian; Colleen Mirassou, New Member Greeter.

Absent:  Kathy Warren, Treasurer; Stephanie Torres, Secretary; Diane Finley, Ceramics.          


Secretary:  Stephanie Torres (Barbara G. subbing) - Approval of Nov. 27, 2023  minutes - motion made by Barb Gottesman; seconded by Colleen Mirassou.  

Approval  vote – Ayes 7, Nays 0.  Motion passed.

Treasurer:  Kathy Warren - For the year ending December 31 , 2023,  Total income was $11,082.07  Expenses were $8,096.26, net income was $2,988.81.  2023 Year End Finanical Report:  Motion to approve: Barb Gottesman, seconded Colleen Mirassou.  Ayes 7, Nays 0.  Approval motion passed.

January Financial Report:  no information available.  Tabled until February meeting. The beginning fund balance on 01/01/24 was $14,423.52Total income YTD 2024 is   $_______   Total expenses YTD  2024 are $________.   Ending fund balance on 1/26/2024 is $_______ending checkbook balance on 1/26/2024 is $__________ Approval motion made by ______________________; seconded by___________________ Approval  vote – Ayes ______        Nays _____  Report approved ________Not approved ______

Pending refunds:

Gene Snow Olsen, 6022 Montgomery Corner, 669-899-7512 (requested 1/17/24)          

Ping Xia, 8342 Reisling Way (requested 1/2/24)

{Judy Knight, 3311 Lake Albano Circle (requested 1/12/24)}

Vice President, Membership:  Claudia Welch – Membership update

Membership is : 263 on January 26, 2024. New members are:  Nancy Mori, Rod Tieman and Liz Muzio.


2a.     The documented minutes will be given to Wells Fargo to give check signing privileges on our account to Mandy Book as our new President and the removal of Michael Sunzeri as outgoing President.

2b.     Parthenia, as a working professional editor, volunteered to edit newspaper articles if they are sent to her before they go in The Villager.

2c.  To get volunteers at the February 5 Monthly Membership Meeting, Mandy will ask a person to volunteer for a specific job.  

2d.  Officers' job descriptions state that the Vice President shall take the place of the President if she is unable to preside over a meeting.  Also Roberts Rules of Order: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

3.        NEW BUSINESS

3a.     Preliminary Budget Input Worksheet request from CBOD:  replace hanging system in Cribari Conference Room, purchase an Overhead camera, buy 2 new whiteboards for the Art Room.

3b.     New Residents Orientation:  Colleen and Michael reported many new residents interested in our club and took brochures and flyers made by Barbara.  Stephanie  and Colleen will represent us on March 13, then Mandy and Colleen on May 15.

3c.     All Board members were able to work with the agenda posted on Google docs.

3d.     New meeting time work for everyone:  Mandy will research and set new meeting time in Art Room, Ceramics Room or Forum Room

3e.     Banner Hanging Request Update (all completed for 2024 and turned in by Michael)

3f.     2024 Calendar:  find new volunteers to chair possible new events: Sidewalk Art Sale and Third Tuesday Free Art Night for Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc.  VACA pays for supplies for these.

3g.     Going cashless or checkless?  Advantages/Disadvantages. Tabled until next meeting.


4a.     Art Films: Marion Rose, next film Tuesday, February 13 at 2 pm:  Pablo Picasso: A Primitive Life.

4b.     Ceramics:  Diane Finley:  Met with Clay Curtin last week to familiarize him with how the ceramics room operates.  Kiln has been 'down' for two weeks.  New elements ordered, we're just waiting for the supplier to schedule installation.  Clay is aware of the cost.  Beginning class finishes up in January and another class starts in February.  Deborah Strauss will train with Diane so she can instruct classes in the future.

4c.  Art Classes Coordinator:  Barbara Gottesman.  All art classes register with Barbara at

Classes in Progress in the Art Room

Open Studios Monday and Friday, with Jane Hink, beginning at 10 am.

Thursday mornings:  Doug Canepa's Watercolor Plus Mixed Media, throught February 8.

Thursday afternoons:  Mining Your Memoris with Claudia Welch and Barb Gottesman, through February 8.

New Classes scheduled:  register at

Friday, February 2:  Creating Greeting Cards with Mandy Book.  $10.  1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Wednesdays, February 7  - 21. Beginning Watercolor with Ciel Duke. $120.  10:30 am - 12:30 pm.  All materials furnished.

Thursday, February 8:  Paint Party with Nicole Alexander.  5 pm - 7 pm.  All materials and refreshments furnished.  $45.

Tuesday, February 20:  Playing with Poetry with Leanne Lindelof of SJSU. 2 pm - 3 pm in the Art Room.  $20.

Kellen Perry has volunteered to apprentice as Art Classes Coordinator.  She will meet with Barb next week to go over the duties and decide which she wants to take on now.

4d.  Exhibits Coordinator:  Michael Sunzeri said that the next Exhibit is Tuesday, April 8, from 1 to 2 pm. Current exhibit is Jane Smith and Linda Hackel.  Mandy will invite members to view the exhibit on February 5 and Marion will invite Art Film lovers to view the exhibit on February 13.

4e.  Historian:  Parthenia Hicks will volunteer to teach "Dream into Writing" for 4 weeks in March and later "Making Jewelry."  Barbara invited her to set dates and get calendar and advertising started.

4f.  Programs: Michael Sunzeri reported that our next artist demonstrating her astounding basket weaving at our February 5 Membership Meeting.

4g.  New Members Greeter:  Colleen Mirassou is still writing VACA cards to new members. Barbara will furnish her with a dozen more cards, and the Mandy will take over making VACA cards.

4h.  Events:  Art in the Park Diane Finley

Proposed budget for 2004 Art in the Park

Printing    $60

Cookie Sale Supplies $120

Donuts  $70

Music $30

Art Table $30

Park Fee  $200

Total Proposed Budget - $510.00

Approval of Diane's proposed budget for Art in the Park: motion made by Barb Gottesman; seconded by Colleen Mirassou.  Approval  vote – Ayes 7, Nays 0.  Motion passed.

Also  - 1.  Entry fee to stay at $10 non-refundable entry fee?

2.  Commission rates the same? (10%,15%,20%)

3.  Any changes to the Artist Contract?

Advisory Board indicated that they saw no problem with current prices and percentages, would leave it to Diane any changes she saw fit to make.

4. New popcorn machine for events and art films:  dependent upon finding adequate storage and how to move back and forth to events and Art Films locales.

5.  New label maker for bake sales/events.

6.  Past Board ruling:  Purchases under $50 can be approved by President, larger purchases require Board approval.

5.     Issues/Problems to Discuss: Please respond with any input here.

6.     Next General Meeting and Demo is:  Monday February 5, 2024, 1-3:30 pm in Cribari Conference Room.

7.     Next Advisory Board Meeting:  Friday,  February 23, 2024 at 1 pm in the Art Room until Mandy finds a better time and place for us to meet.  

Meeting of January 26, 2024 Adjourned:  2:12 p.m. by President Mandy Book

Signatures:   ___________________________________

          Barbara Gottesman, secretary pro tem


Mandy Book, President