We had 31 entries for our Annual Juried Show for October 2023!  Nineteen artists participated, including our two newest members Nancy Walters and Pimei Huang.

The range of their talents across all media will amaze you! Your can view their work now displayed on this website and in Cribari Conference Room until January 14.

Julie Cline

Juror for 2023 AMJS

Michael Sunzeri

Director for 2023 AMJS

Amacarelli, Karen Farmer's Market  (watercolor)

Canepa, Doug  Yosemite Cataract (watercolor)

Canepa, Doug  River's Bend (watercolor)

Cheung, Greg Self Portrait (acrylic)

Cheung, Greg   Ralph (dry media Sanguine Pencil)

Duke, Ciel   Sunset   (pastels)  sold

Douquet, Dorothy   And Who Are You? (oil)

   Ferris, Suzanne   Red Luminary (ceramics)

Fury, Joan   Good Morning Sunshine  (oil)

   Ferris, Suzanne   Leaf Bowl   (ceramic)

Hackel, Linda    Gentle Moon   (watercolor)

Paoli, Margot    Market Basket   (hand woven, 3 D)

Hink, Jane       Asilomar  (oil)

Smith, Jane    Wedding Dance  (pastels)

McKinney, Lynda   Time Without End   (collage, mixed media)

Mirassou, Colleen     Self Portrait  (collage)

Paoli, Margot      Fun Basket (hand woven, 3 D)

Duke, Ciel   Ninstints, British Columbia (watercolor)

Douquet, Dorothy   Susie the Soprano (ceramic)

Smith, Jane   Crashing Elements  (watercolor)

Hink, Jane      Welcome to the Neighborhood!  (collage)

Huang, Pimei   Japanese Beauty   (watercolor)

Kuramoto, Shirley  A Day at the Beach  (collage)

McKinney, Lynda   Peasant Poppies  (watercolor)

Sunzeri, Michael   Gilded Edge of the Moon (assemblage)

Sunzeri, Michael     White Hot Chrome  (assemblage)

Tremoureux, Lucy    Monterey Bay (oil)

Walters, Nancy   Eye Contact   (oil)

Hackel, Linda    Moonlight Dancer  (collage, mixed media)

Mirassou, Colleen     Convergence  (assemblage)

Watkins, Sharman.   Tatoo Girl (watercolor and Mixed Media)

People's Choice Award