Art in Retirement

Doll Making



Asian Papers Collage

Ernie Murata discovered photography.

Rob Boyles discovered ceramics.

Marilyn Murata became immersed

in collage.

Walter Howald discovered drawing.

Midge Robinson became adept at doll-making and colored pencil art.

Shirley Kuramoto discovered poetry in art.

Margot Paoli became a basket-weaver extraordinare.

Diane Finley re-discovered ceramics.

Liz Giarratana discovered jewelry.

Reine Fedor discovered painting.

Jean Gillette renewed her quilting.

Kathy Tanaka excelled in ceramics.

Bill Tibbs found a new joy in painting.

Barbara Gottesman immersed herself in collage and poetry.

Claudia Welch found new joy in writing and ceramics.



Stories from people who live in The Villages - and have found Art in their retirement- The Golden Years!

Barb & Claudia decided to write stories about them.