with Doug Canepa

Wednesdays, January 25, 2023 - March 1, 2023

10 am - 12:30   pm  in person in the Art Room. $60.

Proof of Covid vaccine required for this teacher.

Register at barb.gottesman@gmail.com

Please e mail me if you have questions about this classs.

Phone messages have static or garbled

information to which I cannot respond.

watercolor supplies  from Amazon or Michael's


1.Canson 100510941 XL Series Watercolor pad, 1 pack,   9 x 12   or similar


2. Artegria Watercolor Paint Brush Set.  4 round brushes:  #2, 4, 5, 8 OR  3 round brushes:  small, medium, largeā€¦..or similar


3.  Sennelier Franch Arts' Travel Watercolor set, 8 count,  or similar  


4.  Jack Riceson 38008 Yarka Semi Moist Watercolor, set of 8.  Or similar

All  Any one of these may be ordered from Amazon and may be available at Michael's on Snell.

O     OR bring your own watercolors.

     BACKING BOARD:  bring a firm backing  board of some type to tape your

                   watercolor on, and Doug will furnish the frog tape to tape your watercolor to a firm surface.