MEETING OF ARTS and CRAFTS

Arts and Crafts is halfway through the year with our Membership meetings featuring demos and presentations from artist that do not disappoint.  On Monday June 3, we invite all Villagers to another afternoon at 1:45 in the Cribari Conference room.  Hadi Aghaee will spend some time with us giving insight into his journey in art.

Hadi was born and raised in the beautiful city of Shiraz, Iran.  He is a self-taught artist showing interest in drawing from an early age, illustrating portraits and scenes in pen and pencil and later in pastel. Hadi migrated to America to study engineering and soon his passion for art came to a halt and for a period of 33 years, he was completely absent from art and the art scene. In mid 2014, a friend of his, Johane Amirault, an accomplished artist herself, encouraged him to return to art. He began painting with acrylic and oil. Hadi's past works were a mix of originals and study of other artists with some personal modifications. Trying various styles and subjects he has now found his calling and paints realistic and surreal original images depicting social issues of our time. He paints both with acrylic/oil on canvas and digitally. Occasionally he creates small scale sculptures. Visit for latest works and representation at Triton in Santa Clara May 25th through September 8.

Hadi is very involved with East Valley Artists, as the Program Chair for them.  He is a well-received artist representing his wide scope of fine art.  Let him explain how his childhood work with his father and his return to Iran to see the many changes after a 20 absence have influenced his art.  He was taught at Mission College by George Rivera and later his work was shown at the De Young, and he has a well-received exhibit at the Triton in Santa Clara.  Please join us for a more in-depth and personal experience with Hadi.

                                                              by VACA Program Chair Michael Sunzeri

These free demonstrations by a Guest Artist are made possible with some of the profits from Holiday Faire.