Basic Collage from the Very Beginning

with Barb Gottesman

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Photos from the 8 participants at work

On the Beach

Maps with family photo

His Muse

Jim and Adine Paradis

Almond Trees in a Spring Mustard Field

Journey of the Heart

The Kracken and a Daisy

Pegasus Unwinged

Wired Butterfly

Reel to Reel

Morning Walk on Mau'i

Silk fabric and tye-dyed rice paper

Hope Rising

Rice Paper and Yarn

Our Travels in Japan

Ephemera, maps and photo

Guitar Man

Tess Tiong

Kathleen's RABBIT

Eppie Chang

Carol Mizgorski

Charlotte Dickson

Buffie Stillman

Shirley Kuramoto

Angela Banister