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and those who support keeping art alive in The Villages

The Standout by Wendy Fitzgerald

Mixed Media:  Acrylic, collage, colored pencil, ball point pen.

Painting photo published with the permission of the artist.

This is a portrait of someone who is a standout and has the special quality to overcome obstacles in life.  Figuratively speaking, the chairs in this exhibit are personalifications of people.

Hawking's Universe by Michael Sunzeri


Photo of the painting published with the permission of the artist.

Homage to Hawking, using Paul Jenkins' painting style.

Paired Exhibit Opening August 3 in Cribari Conference Room:

Wendy Fitzgerald and Michael Sunzeri

Wendy lives in Verano Village and enjoyed her career as a Software Programmer.

Although we can no longer post prices of paintings at our exhibits, if you are interested in a pianting in this exhibit, call Wendy or Michael or the Arts & Crafts Exhibits Coordinator Barb Gottesman.

Michael's price list:

1.  Banded                                        24x30          Acrylic          $159

2.  Pear Impaled                               20x24          Acrylic          $159.

3.  Every Cloud                                 20x24          Enamel        $129.

4.  Hawking's Universe                     24x36          Acrylic          $149.

5.  Speas Desert Lake                      24x25          Acrylic          $169.

6.  The Resort of Vide Farthing        24x36           Acrylic          Not for Sale

Wendy's Price List:

7.  Sanctum                    11x11          Mixed media          $250.

8.  Land and Sea            15x23          Mixed media          $350

9.  The In Crowd             12x12          Mixed media          $250.

10.  The Standout           12x12          Mixed media          $250.

11.  Reflections               12x12          Mixed media          $250.

12.  Survivor                    12x12          Mixed media          $250.

Michael lives in Montgomery Village and spent his other career as a Electronis Circuit Board Designer.